I have always been attracted to nature and art, spending hours at school escaping into the art block, because as a dyslexic child it became a non-judgemental environment to paint and explore myself. Animals have been an important focus especially when I was young helping my father who was a veterinarian with sick animals. This has played out in my life having dogs and cats and at present have 3 brown Burmese cats who all want to be on my lap at the same time.

Dyslexia gave me the impetus to confront my inner critic that I was ‘dumb’ and could not learn that led me to complete 4 degrees at university, 2 Undergrads and 2 masters in areas of sociology and psychology, that I work with today with clients. I also have integrated my experience with meditation, health, exercise, dance, nature, travel and different cultures.

A profound effect on the way I look at things was as a child watching the movie Mary Poppins who jumps into the chalk drawing, because this space is something I still try to recreate when I paint, it brings me to a magic place of creativity and playfulness where time and judgement is suspended.

I want my painting to make people feel good and have done so for individuals grappling with mental health issues or the stressors of life, I believe creativity can be experienced in many forms. Colour in nature with all its hues and vibrancy is something I draw on and weave together in a story that helps the viewer escape into.